Coach adam at your service

Years Coaching: 30+
Favourite Workout: Hill Repeats & Single Leg Drills!
Favourite Country To Ride In: Canada
Favourite Cycling Food: Figs, Apricots, Tacos, and Heavenly Hunks
Favourite Person to Ride With: KVDB

Bio: With over 43 years riding a bike with drop bars, that comes with an endless wealth of knowledge and skill that is yours to exploit.  Coach Adam thrives on helping others succeed in this amazing sport.  With a specialty in training adults that seek the passion of cycling with a desire to ride at their best, they can find that with Coach Adam.

Providing an all inclusive environment for his athletes, you get to excel at your pace, but with the full support of the Coach.

Also known as Mr. Motiv8 through his many years of public speaking and emcee services, he knows how to lift your spirits, even when the day didn’t go as planned, or you are just in need of a pick-me-up!
Coach Adam is your guy!

His cycling experience is diverse, as is his life, which translates in to many cycling secrets to help you get fitter, faster, stronger. He has experienced a combination of over 40 years of racing, touring, and working in the sport that he loves right down to his DNA; and if you want a fun, funky, offbeat challenge ask him and he’d be happy to share some of his exploits!

As for the fun, well, you might be suffering like you’ve never suffered before, and enjoying every minute of it when you are around Coach Adam!

Want to have fun and become fitter, faster, stronger? Join the outdoor interval sessions with Coach Adam!  For more information and if there is something you would like to learn or a time you’d like to train, get in touch with us today! 

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