Mega Day #4 - March 3rd, 2024 at 8am in Burlington

training for 2024

Welcome and you have found your place to train smarter and have fun while doing it. 

The mission of The Cycling Academy is to offer you a fun and challenging environment to train at your best, while helping you reach your goals to be a, stronger, faster, and confident cyclist. 

The training model of Coach Adam is to bring a vibrant and exciting experience to the training.

With Adam’s over 40 years experience, you will get the motivation you need to find your best self on the bike, while in a fun group environment.

The programs offered for Summer 2024 will include:

  • Interval Sessions
  • Structured Group Rides
  • Training 101
  • The Running Shoe Crew
  • Confidence with Clips
  • Bike Maintenance Course

Train for your own fitness improvements, or when your get together with a group of friends and enjoy staying with them, or maybe win a town sign sprint, or take it right into racing if that suits your goals.

You can be assured, training with Coach Adam at The Cycling Academy, will give you the tools to grow as a cyclist.

Contact us today to get the details on the program options and costs to join.